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  • FP&A is the Forefront of Transformation

    AFP recently spoke with Connagh Hopkins, head of Business Planning and Reporting for Western Power, as part of our spotlight on members of our APAC FP&A Advisory Council (FPAAC). Hopkins shared with us her perspective on using 'finance' to describe her role and her thoughts on educating others to see past assumptions of the description.
  • Let’s Talk Talent: How is Finance Practiced Differently Now?

    How has finance talent changed today? What changes have you noticed or consciously made in what you look for, or how have you trained your people up differently? AFP’s Asia Pacific FP&A Advisory Council considered this question at their February meeting, and what emerged was an understanding of a finance function in flux.
  • AFP Announces 2022 Asia-Pacific Advisory Council

    The overall objective of FPAAC is to establish a networking and advisory group for FP&A practitioners from APAC organizations to discuss best practices, common challenges and innovative initiatives, as well as network with their peers. The council members have contributed their time and effort to creating a regional conference, webinars, and a string of articles illuminating best and emerging practices.
  • 6 Steps to an Effective Financial Statement Analysis

    For any financial professional, it is important to know how to effectively analyze the financial statements of a firm. There are generally six steps to developing an effective analysis of financial statements.
  • The 5 Key Principles of Nonverbal Communication

    The transition in recent years to a virtual/remote environment has changed the way we work and communicate. Workplace trends indicate that a remote or hybrid work environment is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. 
  • Corporate Finance Job Descriptions

    Whether searching for a new finance position or trying to fill an opening on the corporate finance team, job candidates and hiring managers alike need to know what they are looking for. We outlined corporate finance job descriptions, from the CFO through Financial Analyst, with suggested experience, job knowledge and skills. 
  • Want to Switch From Accounting to FP&A? Read This.

    FP&A is growing more attractive to accountants. FP&A has fewer regulations to follow, making it less of a bureaucratic maze. FP&A is more conceptual, making it attractive to accountants who seek an intellectual challenge of forecasting and planning. So how can you switch from accounting to FP&A?

2022 AFP Payments Guide to Unlocking the Cash Conversion Cycle2022 AFP FP&A Guide to Becoming a Value Focused Finance Organization

Recent Webinars

  • Better Business Partnering Leads to Better Strategy

    CFOs have been transforming FP&A for years, largely through the implementation of technologies and new terms of art. Jim Kaitz of AFP hosted the authors of Bain & Company’s research report examining why FP&A Is Falling Short of CFO Expectations. Bain’s expert partner on finance and digital transformation Steve Beam will join business partnering expert Anders Liu-Lindberg and AFP’s Bryan Lapidus as they dive into the substance of Bain’s report, discuss recommendations for how FP&A can become a better business partner, and share their own findings and perspectives. WATCH

FP&A Profiles

Read in-depth profiles about professionals working in the financial planning and analysis community.

Xin Gan

Finance: Turning Purpose Into Performance

Xin Gan
Finance Controller
Valeo Service China


Junn Nguyen

FPAC: Remaining Agile Through Constant Change
Junn Nguyen, FPAC
Senior Financial Analyst
Illumina, Singapore

Nozomi AbeFPAC: Developing a Career in FP&A

Nozomi Abe, FPAC
Financial Analyst
Qualcomm, Japan

Tharanga Gunasekara_FPAC

FP&A Profile: The Pandemic Led to His Dream Job

Tharanga Gunasekara, FPAC
Finance Performance Analyst
AMP Australia

Peggy Ang

FP&A: Ever-Evolving with New Technology & Challenges

Peggy Ang
FP&A Leader
APAC for National Instruments

Connagh Hopkins_AFP

FP&A is the Forefront of Transformation

Connagh Hopkins
Head of Business Planning and Reporting
Western Power, Australia

Weng Hong Yong

Developing Bold, Externally Focused, Curious & Business-Minded Finance Professionals

Weng Hong Yong, FPAC
Executive Director
City Mental Health Alliance

Danny Shiu

FP&A Needs to Step Out of Accounting’s Shadow

Danny Shiu

Keyur Shah

FP&A: Sustainability Practices and Talent Development

Keyur Shah, FP&A COE, APAC
Senior Finance Director
Johnson & Johnson

Cecile Francais Article

Creating Value in the FP&A Function

Cecile Francais
Head of FP&A
Cartier China

Martha Sierra

Global FP&A: Unique Challenges Arise in All Regions

Martha Sierra
Regional Head of FP&A
British Council

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