FP&A Exam Prep Platform Help

What is the FP&A Exam Prep Platform?

The FP&A Exam Prep Platform is the preferred study resource for the Certified Corporate FP&A Professional Exam and is based on the test specifications for the 2019B-2024A windows. This fully digital and interactive platform contains study materials, evaluations, sample questions and customized progress tracking. To purchase a one-year subscription for online access: click here.

How do I access the FP&A Exam Prep Platform?

What are the components of the FP&A Exam Prep Platform?

  • 18 Hours of Instructor-led Video
  • 25 Chapters of digital reading material
  • 5 Case Studies
  • 119 Knowledge Checks in Quiz Format
  • 3 Sets of Timed Practice Exams
  • Need more information about what is included click here

How much study time is required?

Plan on a minimum of 72 hours over 3-4 months to prepare for the Exams. Time needed will vary based on a student’s professional background, familiarity with the material and study preferences.

Forgotten username/ password?

  • If you have recently changed username to the AFP site, then that username will be the same for your EPP log-in.
  • Directions for Changing a Password:
  • After you log into your account you will be able to change your password. To change your password do the following:
  • Your login for the Exam Prep Platform is the same as your login for the AFP website. If you need your password, please visit forgot password.

1. Go to AFP Homepage
2. Click "My Info"
3. Click "Change my password"

What are some recommended Study Strategies?

What Browsers does the FP&A Exam Prep Platform work best with?

  • Google Chrome (most recent 2 versions)
  • Firefox (most recent 2 versions)
  • Safari (most recent 2 versions)
  • Internet Explorer (version 11 and above)

How to access/print the PDF’s for Each Chapter?

Having issues downloading the PDFs or Accessing Chapter Videos?

Try using a different browser. Also, another option would be to clear your cached data or update your browser to the most recent version.

Where can the Flash Cards for each chapter Located?

Having issues with Downloading Flash Cards?

A link is available through the flashcards page that will allow you download the PDF version of the flashcards. If you have checked your downloads folder and cleared your cache and are still having the trouble access the PDF file, please open a ticket through the “Need Assistance?” button.

How long does my subscription to the FP&A Exam last?

A subscription to the FP&A Exam last for one year. You may request an access extension if you are signed up in an upcoming window to take the exam.

How do I extend my access to the FP&A Exam Prep Platform?

If you need to extend your subscription, you can do so provided you are registered for a future FP&A exam window from 2019B-2024A by contacting Training@afponline.org. Your extension will only be valid until the end of your selected exam window. Extensions will not be made past the close of your exam window or March 31, 2024, whichever is earlier. FP&A Exam Prep Platform extensions are not guaranteed.

How do I update my FP&A Learning System to the FP&A Exam Prep Platform?

If you purchased the FP&A Learning System (prior to 2019) and are registered for the upcoming exam testing window, please contact Training@afponline.org so that we can review your record to provide an upgrade. If you did not purchase from AFP, we may need you to forward your receipt along with your request.

Where are the case study materials referenced in the FP&A Exam Prep Platform?

Subscribers of the FP&A Exam Prep Platform can access the case study materials here.

What is the return policy for the FP&A Exam Prep Platform?

If you purchased a subscription, you have 10 days from your first log-in to cancel your access to the FP&A Exam Prep Platform. Please forward the e-mail purchase receipt to customerservice@afponline.org with your reason for cancelling so that we can review your request. Upon approval, we will credit the purchase price paid to the original form of payment provided.

How do I access Collaborate through the FP&A Exam Prep Platform?

The FP&A Preparation collaborate community can be accessed by clicking on the “Ask the Community” button within the exam prep platform.

Having trouble logging in?

Try using a different browser. Also, another option would be to clear your cached data or update your browser to the most recent version.

How much does the FP&A Exam Prep Platform cost?

A one-year online subscription costs $1095 for an AFP member, $1195 for a non-member.

Is there a list of important formulas for the FP&A Exam?

  • Formulas (a PDF flashcard file of all of the formulas presented in the EPP will be available soon)

Where are the end of the chapter questions located or where can I find chapter specific questions?

  • The chapter tests have been converted to knowledge checks that area available at the end of each topic in the EPP. Completing all the knowledge check questions for a chapter would be akin to completing the end of chapter tests.
  • Accessing the Knowledge Checks 

Who to contact if you need additional assistance?

  • For a refund for the FP&A Platform please contact our Customer Service department at customerservice@afponline.org. (Please read our return policy above before inquiring for a refund)
  • For any questions regarding content, formulas, continent issues, or errors please click on the “Need Assistance?” tab in Recourses and Submit a Request and a member from the AFP team will get back to you
  • If you are having issues logging in please refer to “Forgotten username/ password” section of the page and if you need further assistance please contact the training department at training@afponline.org.

 Updates on the FP&A EPP

AFP is able to update all content within the Exam Prep Platform in real time. Any new features or substantial changes will be announced through the FP&A Preparation community. Otherwise, know that the content you are reviewing is the most up to date available.